Why WEG?

Vertical Integration

Vertical integration allows production flexibility to supply small batches of customized products that are matched to perfection to our customer's needs

Vertical Integration


Our production flexibility allows us to target the markets (geographies, segments and products) that offer the best growth perspectives


Distribution of Net Revenue according to geographic market and global footprint, WEG manufacturing sites have been strategically structured close to customer

Distribution of Net Revenue according to geographic market

Financial Flexibility

Financial flexibility allows WEG to pursue growth opportunities as they become available. These opportunities range from trivial, like raw materials procurement at attractive conditions, to strategic, like acquisitions

Net debt (cash) / EBITDA

Financial Flexibility

Strong balance sheet allow execution of a clear portfolio strategy through M&A, based on long term attractiveness of opportunities...

Financial Flexibility

Modular Expansion

Our production system is also based on modular expansion, avoiding idle capacity build up, maximizing returns on capital e lowering demand risks

Jaraguá do Sul (Largest manufacturing site for LV electric motors in the world)

Modular Expansion

WEG Rugao (China)

Mass Customization

Verticalization allows WEG to have a very large product line (mass customization)...

Appliance motors
Commercial and residential motors
Low voltage industrial motors
High voltage industrial motors
Frequency Inverter


New ideas and technologies ensure the existence of the company. That is why we encourage and support an atmosphere favorable to thinking ahead of our time

Innovation Innovation

Sustainable ROIC and Growth

Solid growth track record, Business model allows us to find and explore growth opportunities, even under unfavorable macroeconomic conditions

Sustainable RIOC

ROIC has two components and WEG manages both…

... Resulting in stable above average ROIC over time

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